When I was young I saw the Chuck Norris movie Mission In Action. I remember quite well watching the Vietcong torturing American GI’s, starving them to death in make-shift bamboo cages.

My father was drafted into the Army for ‘Nam, and we always watched war movies together. So of course I asked about the movie’s content. “Was it really like that Dad? Did they really hurt people like that?”

“Like that and worse,” he acknowledged. “That’s part of why the Vietcong were so bad. We American’s, we don’t torture people like that.”

“Why? They do it to us. We should do it back,” I insisted.

“That’s just not how it is done son. You see, if we torture them, it makes us no better than they are. If we give in an take that road, we’ll risk losing a lot more than just a war.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Someday you will.”

All this came about to me today as I was reading Steve Fournier’s article over at opednews.com, Yoo Disbarment Sought.

For those not familiar, Mr. Yoo worked for the Bush Administration in the Office of Legal Counsel, (OLC) a section of the Department of Justice. (DOJ) They function as legal advisor to the President and all the executive branch agencies. He is the author of the “torture memos” that were used to justify the treatment of prisoners the military had designed as “unlawful combatants.” He has since left the OLC and now works for the University of California at Berkeley as a Professor of Law.

Mr. Yoo has lived a charmed life until now. The National Lawyers’ Guild has called for the disbarment of Mr. Yoo. It’s President, Marjorie Cohn, considers John a war criminal, and is demanding the University sack him.

I applaud Marjorie, who has more courage than most of us, to stand up and call Mr Yoo for what he is; A torturing, murderous, and dangerous fascist whom believes himself to be above and immune to the laws of the United States and the world.

Mr Yoo deserves to go to jail, and perhaps even lose his life as a traitor to America, the Constitution, and as a war criminal. He and Alberto Gonzales together wrote the most twisted, deceptive, and unlawful responses that enabled the military, CIA, and other Executive agencies to torture in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and other secret CIA locations around the globe. How many thousands have been tortured is unknown. We likely will never know as the evidence is now being destroyed.

And Dad, I get it. I really get it now.

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