By Maggie Van Ostrand

Remember when CNN relentlessly showed the Rev Wright clip, you all know the one, ad infinitum, like there was nothing else happening in the entire world? It was aired minute after minute, hour after hour, week in and week out. “Enough already” shouted a weary nation.

Now they’ve got hold of, and seem to be twisting, a comment made by Barack Obama several days ago, which surfaced out of the mire today on the Huff Post. CNN is referring to his remark as “Obama’s Small Town Slam” and a couple of CNN contributors (read: gasbags) are interpreting the Senator’s remarks, or at least the excerpts of his remarks that CNN is reporting on, as the end of Obama in Pennsylvania.

I heard Obama’s taped talk, and it didn’t sound anything like a “small town slam.” He said some people in Pennsylvania towns who were out of work are frustrated and bitter (against the government). Though that’s not a direct quote, who isn’t frustrated and bitter against the government these days?

Now we’ve got Hillary driving this bandwagon (which she says she didn’t know about but heard it through the media … yeah, right … she must be the only slimy politician in the world without spies) and suddenly she’s coming out with Obama’s own upbeat, positive, hopeful phrases in Pennsylvania, you know, the ones she derided a few weeks ago. When Obama surged in the polls, even the Clinton Machine knew his message worked, so now she’s pretending it’s her message. She’s again “acting as if” she’s the frontrunner, hoping (or believing) people of Penna will be as short on memory of her shenanigans, lies, and rip-offs as the people of Ohio.

Turns out the “reporter” who blogged the Obama taped talk (at a fundraiser in California a week ago) sat on it and pondered releasing it because she knew it was incendiary and wanted to think about it. Sure, I believe that like I believe Bill Clinton hasn’t lost a few marbles since his open-heart surgery.

CNN, MSNBC, and other cable news shows, have become as sickening and unscrupulous in their zeal to find news as Hillary Clinton is in her zeal to find power.

They did the same thing to Michele Obama by twisting what she said and trying to make the public think she’s anti American. Not to mention the media freakout just because her husband doesn’t wear a flag in his lapel. What? I know this country doesn’t enjoy the freedoms it once did (in my lifetime), but for heaven’s sake, am I the only one who “gets” what she meant, who doesn’t think pressure should be brought on the jewelry a guy wants to wear? I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and I don’t wear a pin. Like that makes me unpatriotic?

CNN is treating the Huff Post like it’s the New York Times, or at least what the New York Times once was. We know just what the Huff Post is and the standards it employs.

I’m not watching CNN or MSNBC any more. It’s too manipulative for me. Any day now, it will be as bad as watching Katie Couric. Well, almost.

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