Solution to the fuel “problem”

    We all know the commercial truckers are fed up with fuel prices that are starting to drive the small independents out of business. We also know there’s been an 80% hike in fuel prices that jets use. We know the beating we’re getting at the pump.

    We also know our government is in bed with the oil companies so we can’t exactly look to them (at least until possibly next year and I use that term “possibly” in a very guarded manner).

    So what can we the people do? It occurred to me that a strike would be a great idea. But I’m not talking about a march on Washington. That would be a wasted exercise.

    Let’s strike where it means something – let’s strike the oil producing nations (Saudis can you here me?).

    But how do you strike them? All commercial pilots boycott takeoffs and landing to and from any oil producing nation. (If they ask why, tell ’em jet fuel is just too damned expensive). They might appreciate the irony of it all.

    Then, next time Boeing sells them a jetliner, they bump the normal price by 80% (same explanation as above if required).

    Each and every ISP, server provider could triple their prices for net access.

    I could go on but those are three biggies that might get someones greed quotient to get back to a reasonable sense of reality.

    Remember the ex-Walmart gal whose life was pretty much destroyed by an auto accident? Remember how Walmart was threatening to sue her to recover med/pay they paid out? Remember that they finally backed down after the public outrage that followed?

    Do you seriously think that “re-think” of their “policy” was done out of the goodness of their hearts? Get serious.

    They knew people would boycott their operation. They’d only have to do it for a couple days in every Walmart. How much do you suppose that would have cost them? I suggest it would be substantially more than the money they were threatening to extort from this poor unfortunate woman.

    Well, this is my first official blog.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. What say you, public?

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