You’ve read about it online and saw the text messages on your cell. Now, C.I.A. Recording Studios is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited Bin Laden CD, entitled: “Yankee Imperialists Go Home.”

Yes, this CD is bound to bring a bang–literally– to anyone ordering it. The CD features some of BL’s greatest hits, like:

Street Fighting Man… in the streets of Tal Afar, Hebron and Baghdad

Gimme Shelter (From Armageddon)

The Last Time (America embarks on another war for Empire)

You Can’t Always Get What you Want (Ode to Ariel Sharon)

Under My Thumb (Are the American Occupation Forces)

Sympathy For The Devil: Dedicated to GW Bush

Missed You… (With my first shot)

Honky Tonk Women (Won’t be seen in Islamabad)

It’s All Over Now (Imperialist American Forces)

Beast Of Burden (Carrying IED’s)

Shattered (By the B-2 Carpet Bombing)

Love Is Strong (But my AK-47 is stronger)

Anybody Seen My Baby (Since the Smart Bombs Dropped?)

And if you send in your money now–no Yankee dollars, only Euro’s–our VP in charge of recording, Mike Jerkoff, will throw in a upcoming video they’re working on that has an actor portraying BL, threatening death and destruction to America.

(Editor’s note: This is a golden opportunity to view this unreleased video ahead of the official release. This video will not be released until Bush and Cheney need their aL-Qaeda “boogeyman” to pop up on cue, to scare and distract Americans from reality.
Word is that since the last video release of BL flopped, C.I.A. Recording Studios has upgraded their computers and is promising a more realistic looking BL the next time. Don’t miss viewing this video before its actual launch date.)

The package consists of two 20-track CDs ( on the 72 Virgins label) that represent an unprecedented joint cooperative venture between Bin Laden, Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. and the C.I.A.

Destined to confirm to both long time and new fans why BL and company have been acknowledged as “The World’s Most Dangerous Rock ‘n Roll Band”, the collection features digitally remastered classic BL hits.

Decades in the making, this CD will now be available to anyone with enough balls to send in 29.95 (Euro) to:

BL’s Greatest Hits

P.O. Box 1984: Cave #3

Waziristan, Pakistan

P.S. Expect delivery in 6-10 weeks, unless the infidels find our recording studio.

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