Things like this just drive me crazy!

GAO: Millions wasted on gov’t cards

I have a simple, realistic and reasonable solution to gov’t credit cards. It is being used every day by corporate America.

Make them pay their own credit card balances and expense those charges made that are legitimate public business back to the govt. That way once a month, someone reviews those charges and approves them.

They don’t even have to go through the hassle of cutting a check. They can just direct deposit the approved amount into one’s account. Or if they have to issue a check, then include it once a month in the paycheck with a notation of what it is. If they can take away from your check and note why, then they can add to your check and note why.

BTW, this is not a federal problem. This is happening even worse at the local, county and state level. Check out what is being spent by county employees on their credit cards. It is absolutely shameful.

Why do people feel enabled to spend public funds in such a manner? Why to they feel it is ok to spend public funds on themselves? Perhaps because of the example being set by GW and his cronies?

People have proven they cannot be trusted with credit cards when someone else foots the bill. So let’s just stop footing the bill. They can keep their credit card as long as they understand that starting NOW they are responsible for paying the balance.

Oh, and abuse of these privileges such as not keeping your card current can be grounds for dismissal from the cushy govt job.

It’s time for accountability from all govt employees…from the bottom to the top and everything in between.