Guys, I don’t know about you, but, I see a lot of uncertainty, borderline fear, in this man’s eyes when he speaks on the troop surge. Does he really believe what we’re doing in Iraq is good, or even legal? He gets a steady paycheck every month and probably isn’t even aware of the recession here at home in the U.S. because of the cost of this illegal occupation!

The rapid roll-over in commanders has me wondering what will happen when this commander has a sudden attack of conscience and decides to tell it like it is instead of all this white-washing, and ultimately, gets fired.

Any high-ranking military officer is supposed to give the orders based on their experience and knowledge, not because they were given “guidance” from a gaggle of nitwits who don’t know, or care, about the risks involved. The U.S. military has been wussed down to a bunch of drones by the neocons in office and too bad not enough of them have the intestinal fortitude to speak out against this misuse of military might, and taxpayer dollars, for fear of punishment. This is a sad, sad state of affairs when we’re forced to watch our country crumble under the dead weight of BushCo!

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