Last night, a racist using the screen name “amtexas” signed up as a member of Capitol Hill Blue and immediately posted a rambling, error-filled, incoherent racist tirade against Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama and African-Americans in general.

The post came after I went to bed. I discovered it when I awoke this morning and immediately removed it and banned the poster.

To quote our guidelines:

Posts that contain racism, homophobia, bigotry or Antisemitism will be removed and the posters banned.

I will do the same to any other racist, homophobe, bigot or anti-Semite who attempts to use this web site to spread messages of hate. Do not waste my time of that of our readers. You are not welcome here.

And don’t come crying to me about censorship or free speech or freedom of the press. A. J. Liebling of the New Yorker once wrote that “Freedom of the Press belongs to those who own one.”

And I own this one.

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