Will the REAL John McCain please stand up?

    75% of Pro-Choice Voters Need to Know the Truth — John McCain Does Not Support a Woman’s Right to Choose

    I will not vote for any candidate that thinks they know better what I can and/or should do with my body.

    The day of unelected bureaucrats substituting their judgement or out and out lies for the informed decision making by its citizens is past!

    John McCains candidacy is not just dangerous to our military in Iraq but it is dangerous to the constitution and our civil rights as American. The aging of the Supreme Court is the most important yet underated issue that will have ramifications way past any single man.

    Look at the havoc that has happened with GW’s 2 selections. Do we really want to give McCain the opportunity to do more of the same?

    Remember to Reelect the Failed Policies of Bush/McCain in 08- Spending $4566 per second in Iraq!

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