Obama’s next lynching? April 19

And that’s what is scheduled to go off the weekend of April 19, right before the Pennsylvania primary.

Like the last political lynching of Obama that CNN and F** News had several weeks back, when they played ad nauseam selected sound bites of Reverend Wright so they could slime Obama and make his lead over Hillary evaporate..which it did.

CNN and F** will AGAIN deftly manipulate some arcane bit about Obama into a full-blown media spectacle, that would put PT Barnum to shame and all with one purpose in mind: To lay waste to Obama’s presidential campaign.

Never mind about that the war in Iraq has gone completely to hell or that our economy is teetering on the edge of an abyss, the “best” in the business news outlets don’t have time to report on those boring subjects.

Nope, there’s a black man running for president and by gosh, that’s one thing that is scaring the hell out of some folks, so it’s time to get out the rope.

In a way, this media lynching of Obama reminds me of a scene from Mel Brook’s excellent movie, “Blazing Saddles” where the white town folks are thrilled to be getting a new sheriff, that they hope will fight off the financial predators trying to loot their town–sound familar? Happy, that is, until they find out he’s black.

I know the country is looking forward to a new president, after the corrupt and torturous regime of the Bush/Cheney Junta, but are we scared that the next prez might be black?

My, my, my, how far we’ve come as a country. From the actual lynching of Emmet Till in 1957 for being too “uppity” and talking to a white women to the electronic lynching of Obama, for being too “uppity” and running against a white woman.

For the last century–at least it seems that long–F** News has been backing the Republican candidate, which at one time was GHOULiani, until the skeletons in his closet started rattling so loud even the shameless promoters at F** couldn’t back him, so now, it’s on to McCain.

During that same time, CNN promoted Hillary with endless sound bites, inteviews and news reels that showed Hillary in an immaculate light.

CNN’s odious “Glenn Beck” has already started to inflame the mobs, by saying we white folks would only vote for Obama because of our guilt over our treatment of African-Americans.

Instead of using a rope made from hemp, this 21st Century version of a lynching will use electronic beams, supplied by the major cable news networks.

So look for these two, state sanctioned media outlets to get the next Obama smear campaign in high gear right before the Pennsylvannia primary, so the lumpen proletariat can be safely directed to vote for either Hillary or McCain.

After either one is elected, off we’ll go, fighting endless wars for Empire… and Israel.

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