Doug, maybe you need to find the time to write a column about Obama similar to the one you wrote about Clinton. I believe your reservations about Obama are probably correct, and if you dare to open that can of worms then we would have a “Which Candidate is Worse” scenario.

I do not think you were fair or totally accurate about everything you said concerning Mrs Clinton, but the worst thing was the vitriolic tone you spoke with. I felt that I was reading something from the “Hate Hillary” Fan Club, and that sort of passion does not bespeak evenhandedness unless you do the same with Obama and then, for sure, with McCain. You sounded like Benjamin Starr when he was attempting to destroy the Clintons. I shudder at the thought that you might not be as impartial as you claim, for in the past you have always seemed totally honest and fair.

This time, you didn’t.

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