Should the U.S. nationalize its own money supply?

    Since the formulation of the Federal Reserve, these legally sanctioned crooks, thieves and liars have been draining America dry of both wealth and blood, thru a never ending succession of wars, police actions, interventions and “Shock and Awe” campaigns that always manage to find a convenient “boogieman” somewhere on the planet to fight, using our tax dollars and our kids.

    Should the U.S. nationalize its own money supply?

    Hell yes and the sooner, the better. It’s way past time to take back control of our money supply from the Wall Street shysters, bunko artists and con men that have deliberately manipulated our money into fabulous wealth for a handful of these Mammon worshipping gnomes.

    A manipulation that was all reward and no risk for the private bankers of the federal reserve, thanks to numerous bail-outs by the federal reserve, using OUR money.

    Some will say this is “socialism.” If so, it will be socialism for the people and by the people and not the predatory Darwinian Socialism for the rich and connected that has been ongoing since the Warburgs, Rockefellers and Morgans of the banking industry took over this country in a bloodless coup d’état in 1913, creating the ill-named “Federal Reserve.”

    A Federal Reserve that is owned by bankers in London, Berlin and Paris, as author Peter Kershaw shows in his book, “Economic Solutions.”

    1) The Rothschild Family – London
    2) The Rothschild Family – Berlin
    3) The Lazard Brothers – Paris
    4) Israel Seiff – Italy
    5) Kuhn-Loeb Company – Germany
    6) The Warburgs – Amsterdam
    7) The Warburgs – Hamburg
    8)Lehman Brothers – New York
    9) Goldman & Sachs – New York
    10) The Rockefeller Family – New York

    Seven of the top ten stockholders located in foreign countries…

    Since the formulation of the Federal Reserve, these legally sanctioned crooks, thieves and liars have been draining America dry of both wealth and blood, thru a never ending succession of wars, police actions, interventions and “Shock and Awe” campaigns that always manage to find a convenient “boogieman” somewhere on the planet to fight, using our tax dollars and our kids.

    It’s time to tell these war mongers to piss off, we’re taking back what is rightfully ours and when they scream “Socialism”, hit ’em with this list that shows Big Boy Socialism:

    The Federal Reserve Act went thru in 1913. In less than a year, the U.S. had imposed on it an income tax and by 1914, WW I had started.

    By 1917, the U.S. was in that war, shipping men, money and weapons overseas to prop up the British Empire. The private bankers of the federal reserve made a killing off WW I, by loaning out OUR money to both sides in the conflict.

    The Great Depression of 1929 was due in no small part by the machinations of various Wall Street banks that engaged in insider trading, speculation–using OUR money–and a general money investing attitude that would make the shadiest Las Vegas poker player blush.
    Bank failings and foreclosures were rampant, allowing the private bankers of the federal reserve to buy up property for pennies on the dollar.

    During WW II, some of these same banks made a fortune–again–by loaning out money to both sides in the conflict.

    In 1980, the Hunt Brothers of Texas got involved in trying to corner the silver market. Things didn’t quite go the way they planned and they were looking at bankruptcy, but the federal government got involved and helped the Hunt Boys get out of their self-made mess.

    And what about the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980’s? Again, these shysters got involved in off the book schemes and gambled that they could make billions by perverting the market.

    Here’s what TIME magazine had to say about the S & L scandals:

    “Devastated by a legacy of bad management, rampant fraud and inept Government supervision, more than 500 of the 3,150 federally insured thrifts had fallen into insolvency as of the beginning of last year. Because the U.S. failed to own up to the problem and launch a major rescue soon enough, the cost has now grown higher than almost anyone had imagined.

    Last week President Bush came forward with a long-awaited bailout plan.. ”

    Sound familiar? It’s “déjà vu” all over again, as the thieves run off with the loot and leave the American taxpayer with the bills. Only this time the president is Bush Jr. who’s presiding over this looting of American tax dollars.

    End cost of the S & L fiasco to American taxpayers?

    Over 500 BILLION DOLLARS, paid by us taxpayers.

    The Federal Reserve 1998 bailout of the hedge fund known as Long Term Capital Management . Again, these financial sharpies were making money hand over fist, until Russia decided it no longer wanted to play Wall Street’s game and defaulted on its debt
    Hedge funds like LTCM, who had made tons of money by risking investments, now couldn’t stay afloat, so in rushes the Fed, using an excuse we’re hearing now, that LTCM’s collapse could endanger the financial markets.

    And now we have the sub-CRIME mortgage scandals of the present. Again, some of these same Wall Street banks made a huge fortune selling worthless assets back and forth to one another. When this “Ponzi” scheme blew up in their faces, they came running to Uncle Sam, saying they need to be bailed out to prevent another Great Depression.

    In the 95 years since the Federal Reserve was created, the U.S. has been involved in one Wall Street shell game after another and each and every time, when the marks wise up to their game of “Three Card Monte”, the markets implode. That’s when Wall Street and the private banks of the Federal Reserve go crying to the U.S. Treasury, begging for help. That is, after they’ve sucked all the life out of the market and moved their booty to offshore banks, away from prying eyes.

    Currently, both the Fed and the U.S. Treasury are working on a plan to give even more power to the Federal Reserve.

    WTF? Give more power to the same mob that helped oversee this current financial conundrum that is threatening to collapse our economy? Why?

    Is it time to nationalize our money supply? Damn straight and the sooner, the better.

    For starters, we could save hundreds of billions of dollars a year in interest payments. Since WE the People own the debt, we wouldn’t have to pay interest to ourselves on this debt.

    Next, we’d tell foreign governments that we WILL honor any debts incurred by the federal reserve, but not any debts to any institution connected with Wall Street or the federal reserve.

    Between not paying the exorbitant interest on OUR money and wiping away any debts owed to Wall Street and the Fed, We the People would have several hundred billion dollars a year, to spend on health care, infrastructure, schools and our vets.

    If some Wall Street banks fail, tough tittie. Let them experience what the American public has been experiencing since the private bankers took over the nation’s money supply in 1913.

    After all, with the people back in control of OUR money, bank failures wouldn’t have the shocking effect, like the Wall Street engineered Crash of 1929.

    We would also remove a serious source of corruption in Congress, as it’s been shown that the banking industry donates BIG money to our Congress to get OUR reps to pass legislation that favors the banking industry, not the people whom Congress has sworn to serve.

    And, the risk of wars in far away places would be diminished, since the banks would no longer stand to make a profit off the stranglehold they have on the federal reserve, by loaning out money to war mongers.

    Until We the People take back control of OUR money supply, we’ll be subjected to a never ending stream of financial calamities, caused by insider trading, over the top speculation and greed on steroids. Risky investment schemes that Wall Street knows it can engage in, since the feds won’t notice what’s going on, until the fraudulent schemes start to unravel and the Big Boys need some of OUR money to stay afloat.

    It’s way past time to nationalize OUR money supply and take back what is rightfully ours to do with it what WE want, not what some well-heeled banker in London or Paris wants.

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