1. Mr. Thompson, you forgot your Summary. Allow me to help: Summary–“Religion is stupid and believing in a God/god causes stupid believers to do stupid things, like refusing to do something you are against. This is all true because I say so from, heck, years of experience as a freethinker unencumbered by fact, and (hehe) I got you beleivers to read my article because l use words meant to shock and inflame.” You’re welcome, glad to help. BTW, during your spare time concocting your next sterling piece, perhaps you might read some of the wonderfully wrong decisions made by the infallible Supreme Court, like Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857, Korematsu v. United States 1944, and Plessy v. Ferguson 1896.

  2. Many of the comments on this article prove that there are a lot of brainwashed individuals out there who are so fervent in their beliefs that they might actually be dangerous to others or themselves. This makes me sad for the future of humanity.

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