Cost Overruns Hit $295 Billion

GAO Blasts Pentagon Weapons Budget

They are bleeding our military dry in Iraq and we have nothing to replace it with.

$295 Billion could cover so many other things. This is the OVER CUTS not the original costs.

I wonder what the interest ALONE would be on $295 BILLION DOLLARS. Anyone out there have a clue?

And John McCain supports it ALL!

So remember to reelect the failed policies in Iraq, spending $4655 per second in Iraq.

Do you realize that $4655 would pay for health insurance for 1 person for a full year. So in one day’s spending in Iraq would pay for 86,400 people to get health insurance. One week in Iraq would cover 604,800. One month pay for 2,592,000 people to have health insurance. One year would pay for over 31 million people to be covered by health insurance for a year.

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