1. Richard Kane, both Hillary and McCain have long histories of double talk. They will kill each other off if they run. In the past it was the GOP who ran on a limited government and individual freedoms but since Bush 43, that has changed and it is the Democrats who want to stay out of the personal lives of Americans. The GOP knows that the voters are not able to tell right from wrong and they want the power to direct their choices. I’ve seen the party collapse under the religious right and Democrats are catching on and will work for independent responsibility for the American people. We will pay the price for this freedom and both Clinton and Obama will bring more government over the people as they believe that we are unable to live independently from the welfare of the Federal government; they may be right.

    With Hillary running with Carvell on her team and McCain, with Rove in charge, they will destroy themselves and each other. I do not trust either candidate as I have seen Clinton lie, cheat and steal in her position of First Lady. I’ve seen McCain as Senator in Arizona change his positions based on his taking money from others. No matter which one of these two win, we will still be corrupt.

    The great unknown is Obama!

  2. I’ll take two DejaVu: have you heard from Lefty or Mr horn lately? Maybe they have all the ear plugs mongstum, and we’re shut out in the open, Egad!

  3. @Verizon.net,

    I like Obama better than Hillary, but McCain scares me. I could care less that McCain persistently violates the ethic codes he helped create and is now for guns just to get the Republican nomination. But his trying to redefine present reality as an extension of the Cold War and unnecessary harshness such as after Castro retired saying, I hope Castro dies soon. And somehow imagining or lying that he was tortured by Cubans while a POW. Not much coverage outside Miami where he made the statements other than his singing “Nuke, nuke, nuke Vietnam”, so Google, McCain BBC News Castro, then add to the Goggling McCain, Cuba and/or Vietnam to see how his comments stung, and add in Kissinger to see how much a proud imperialist loves McCain.

    In the past young people didn’t get involved in politics much, so I don’t want Hillary to drop out until after the primaries are over. And if she seethes the nomination or swings it to Gore or someone else, I will work almost as hard on the election as if Obama had one.

    How about Capital Hill Blue blogging about McCain again? Whether it will be Hillary or Obama is far less important.

    I have a hysterical manuscript if I can figure out how to publish articles of Capital Hill Blue.

  4. It’s almost funny, but a campaign that is losing is a lot like a company that is going out of business. When the bills don’t get paid, the name calling, blame game, finger pointing and innuendo starts a’ flyin’. Hillary has tried every marketing gimmick she can think of, but no-one wants to buy her lousy product. And judging by the comments from the obvious Clinton supporters here, it’s all over but the shouting, as the saying goes. But the shouting’s gonna get a LOT louder as Billary and her minions further embarrass themselves . Gonna go buy me some ear-plugs, before the supply runs out…..


    Seriously, I’ve not seen poor attitudes like Billary’s since….ummm…oh yeah I haven’t! Yes, the vendors should have insisted on cash up front; Billary expects everything to be handed to her. I remember about 11 years ago, a buddy of mine who used to work in WHC told me that Billary was often referred to as ‘The Old Lady’. She wasn’t too well liked back then either.

  6. No one can ever tell the truth about HRC without being accused of ‘bullying’, ‘bias’ and ‘piling-on’.
    You can’t call a lie a lie; which severely limits how much of her speeches can be commented upon.
    And she doesn’t pay her bills UNTIL it is pointed out in the national press.
    Otherwise she’s a great candidate, but not for office in this country.
    Vote for her if you like, but the writing is on the wall, in foot-tall letters.

  7. Maybe I missed something
    but I have never seen ANYTHING here at CHB that was “grossly sexist” or even slightly sexist as ‘edra’ stated. Or is it that the hillary supporters in their minds imagine that anybody that thinks hillary is a liar, or a warmonger etc… just thinks that because she is female? Are they simply in denial that the female candidate is full of fatal flaws so they lash out at those that see through hillary, calling them sexist? Are we supposed to be guilted into supporting a woman simply because she is a woman? Following that reasoning, one would be racist for voting for hillary over Obama, but I don’t hear Obama supporters calling hillary supporters bigots. Is having a woman president more important than a minority president for some reason? Are the rights of women more important than the rights of blacks (which includes black women)? Sheeesh!

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