No more cowboy talk

Republican nominee-apparent John McCain is at increasing pains to show that his presidency would not be a third term of George W. Bush’s presidency. And, in a major speech on foreign policy, he emphasized that his administration would substantially differ in tone and outlook. He would not be the go-it-alone cowboy as Bush has been caricatured by foreign leaders.

“Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the power and wisdom to succeed. We need to listen to the views and respect the collective will of our democratic allies,” he said.

With the glaring exceptions of the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq, Bush was never quite the unilateralist he seemed. He was quite willing to work with other nations, the European Union and the United Nations on such problems as North Korea, Iran and the Mideast. But his cocksure, even flip attitude put off many foreign leaders and many of his own constituents as well.

McCain promised to be a different kind of leader, “a realistic idealist,” and in doing so he sounded much like another Bush, George H.W. Bush. McCain’s speech indicated that had he had to fight Gulf War II it would have looked much more like the grand coalition that fought Gulf War I.

He promised an activist foreign policy — free-trade agreements, cooperation on fighting AIDS and environmental degradation, creation of a League of Democracies to advance the cause of democracy and, somewhat out of left field, kicking Russia out of the G-8 club of industrial democracies.

On the biggest foreign-policy issue, McCain did not flinch from the Iraq war’s increasing unpopularity. He would continue to fight that war, only smarter and better than the Bush administration, and do so on moral grounds. Abandoning Iraq would be “morally reprehensible.” A hasty withdrawal, he said, “would be an unconscionable act of betrayal, a stain on our character as a great nation.”

In essence, McCain is pledged to win the war George Bush could not.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Sure John, no more cowboy talk, just more campaign trail b.s. …! /:|

    “He promised an activist foreign policy –[free-trade agreements,] cooperation on fighting AIDS and environmental degradation, creation of a League of Democracies to advance the cause of democracy and, somewhat out of left field, kicking Russia out of the G-8 club of industrial democracies.” …my brackets

    I advise McCain supporters to read and reread what he promises; ie., four more years of ongoing internationalist shenanigans with little focus on our serious domestic problems.

    He plans on continuing the war in Iraq and possibly expanding it to Iran. He wants to hassle Russia, but not China our true military nemesis and of course John is a consumate “free trader” and we all know what that means; ie., more of that giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America as Ross Perot’ once warned during his campaign concerning these type of leaders;ie., McCain et. al.

    He’s babbling about a “League of Democracies”, say what?! He wants to create another feelgood, debating club at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer no different than the U.N….?!

    He must think he’s the reincarnation of Woodrow Wilson-Dem who brought us the Federal Reserve Act, the Income Tax, our engineered involvement in WWI and the “League of Nations.” Wilson too was a traitor to “we the people”, the Republic, and the Constitution for which it stands. Wilson, for all practical purposes represented the first of a long line of “republicrat” presidents working for the NWO to enslave and ultimately destroy the U.S. We are now currently suffering mightily as a function of Wilson and Colonel House, both Rockefeller/Rothchild “shills'” legacy.

    McCain’s recently disclosed opinions concerning the housing market debacle is to simply let the little people slip beneath the waves; ie., drown while he most assuredly will help bailout his buddies in the banking sector as Bush and Bernanke are doing right now. He doesn’t believe the government should intervene…say what?! It was our shuffle-butt government who conveniently fell asleep at the wheel and did nothing to reign in the subprime market abuses before it blew up in our faces. They all knew this would happen, but did nothing because they were all making obscene profits courtesy of the Federal Reserve~U.S. Treasury funny money scam.

    McCain also has a history of being involved with crooked bankers. If you think John McCain has changed then I can sell his supporters beachfront property in the Mohave’.

    John McCain is a disaster waiting to happen and if elected he’ll make George W. Bush seem like a “cubby” when it comes to wasting national financial resources and creating draconian policies that will only hurt the American people, but will assuredly allow free traders; ie., “pirate capitalists” to continue; ie., business as usual!

    He was instrumental in back-stabbing the Boeing Company out of a tanker contract which went to Eurobased Airbus. McCain comes on like he was a hero by helping to expose corruption at the top in the Boeing company. The executives were sanctioned etc., but pitching a large contract to a Eurobased company is not economically sound. Why, because the dollar is in freefall as I write this, so the cost overruns are going to escalate due to dollar devaluation. Our government doesn’t run a FOREX hedge department to help alleviate such currency valuation disparities. They are only good at making self-serving decisions while indebting the U.S. taxpayer even moreso. So again, the little people; ie.,9000 hard-working taxpaying citizens in the Seattle area get punished due to high level corporate chicanery along with nationally damaging decisions as usual from our leaders.

    I personally believe John McCain doesn’t have all his oars in the water and represents a grave threat to what little is left of this once great Republic.

    If Americans so foolishly elect this guy then they will assuredly end up with the government they evidently so sorely deserve…!

    Carl Nemo **==