1. hillary is an angry bull dyke, she thinks she is owed the POTUS . Having a husband and wife two for the price of one team, clearly is against the 22nd amendment and should disqualify her.

  2. How is it we are still having this conversation and how is it the Democratic Party could even consider her being the Presidential nominee with all of the scandal that continues to surround them? Has some brain sucking virus wiped out the memories of this entire nation? Singer/Songwriter Rodney Crowell said it best when he released his Fate’s Right Hand album July 29, 2003 via Epic Records with these lyrics
    “Billy loves women like a junky loves dope
    Give him just enough rope and the monkey gon choke
    She’s a Bill Blass combo maxed out mombo
    D.K.N.Y. caught him in a lie
    Ken Starr word man were talking absurd
    Spending forty million dollars just to give a man the bird
    He’s a king she’s a queen so the rap won’t stick
    Get it on with a rubber and you won’t get sick”

    Do they not act like royalty? Are they not viewed as royalty? Do they not have the power of royalty? If not, how is it they continue to get away with the crimes committed that would land the rest of us in jail? Other candidates have been dropped instantly for merely making a dumb statement.

  3. Of course she lied. That’s what she does best. She learned from Bill, who happens to be the best at it.

  4. This is just ANOTHER RepubliCon witch hunt. RepubliCons just LOVE wasting MILLIONS and MILLIONS of tax payer dollars. there have been EIGHT RepubliCon led investigations into Benghazi with NO smoking gun. GOPTers LOVE beating a dead horse.

    • Sorry but I am dense. What did she lie about? And what do these 15 emails reveal about Benghazi? The Hillary haters are frothing at the mouth over absolutely nothing. Its their faux hysteria and cynicism that’s poisoning America not politicians.

  5. what part of “work related” don’t you understand. t5he emails in “question” were personal not work related.

  6. These people cannot be trusted with the security of your family. They would sell out the whole country for personal gain and power. SHe and all who support her are traitors to this nation.

  7. not just her emails show that she lied her history tells us that truth from her beginning when she was fired as a lawyer on the Watergate committee for lying….

  8. Wow Hillary lied really, she has been lying her whole career and anyone who votes for this frumpy ols b-tch should get their head examined.

  9. Just for the record, in case anyone cares, Mrs. Clinton and the Obama Admin. knew about and supported the making of the video “Innocence of Muslims” from at least June, 2010. The video was orchestrated by Mrs. Clinton and the US Govt. to garner world wide support for a Hillary pet project, UN Resolution 16/18. It was later used as an excuse for violence on Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi, where Amb. Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped and then exchanged for Abdul Rahman. If Trey Gowdy were to interview the following people under oath and ask them the right questions this would become very obvious. The people who need to testify before Trey Gowdy’s committee are: Mark Basselly Youssef (alias Sam Bacile and Nakoula Nakoula), Adenob Basselly (alleged son), Jimmy Israel, Robert Alan Brownell, Steve Klein, Joseph Nassralla, Morris Sadek, Dr. Terry Jones, Larry Schwarz, and a representative from “NewsPoliticsNow3”. The latter will be hard to find since this was a non-existent “news” organization run out of the Stanley Corp. of Arlington, Va.. NewsPoliticsNow came into being as a Youtube account on June 18, 2012, and disappeared on or about Sept. 20, 2012 after hyping the video around the mid east starting at 2:45 pm Cairo time on Sept. 11, 2012, about 7 hours prior to the attack at Benghazi.
    Mark Basselly Yossef was the front man for this project because when it was over he could be put back in jail for “parlole violations”. He is a well known FBI informant and was early released from jail for bank fraud in June, 2010 specifically to make the video, even though he had never made a movie in his life or had no prior interest in religion or politics. Within two weeks of his release he had contacted Jimmy Israel and Robert Alan Brownell, two B grade movie industry folks who Youssef could not have found without guidance from someone else. Robert Brownell did the technical work making the movie and his name was used on the permit application to the LA Film Board, although it has since been permanently redacted in violation of California law. The name of Joseph Nassralla’s company, Media for Christ, is the only unredacted name on the film permit application, although his name was used for this purpose without his knowledge or permission. Morris Sadek and Dr. Terry Jones were both contacted by email by Youssef about two weeks prior to Sept. 11, 2012 and asked to promote the video, which at the time was called “The Mohammad Movie” or “The Mohammad Movie Trailer” on “Sam Bacile’s” Facebook page, where it had been without fanfare from July, 2, 2012. Neither Sadek or Dr. Jones had anything to do with making the video, and Mr. Sadek had nothing to do with dubbing the Arabic onto the video, that was most likely done by Robert Brownell, who owned a post production company at the time, Genesis Post Production. Steve Klein also had virtually nothing to do with the video, he, Nasralla, Sadek, and Dr. Jones were also specifically hand picked by the Obama Admin. to be contacted by Youssef because they are all “conservative Christians” and could easily be blamed for the video instead of the real perpetrators, Youssef and Brownell. Youssef is currently being held out of sight at tax payers expense in Southern California and will not respond to any questions about making the video. Robert Alan Brownell went underground for a year or so after making the video and is currently working in southern California, he has never done an interview about his part in making the video. Do your own research, it is obvious that Mark Basselly Youssef could not have made this video or promoted it around the mid east without help of outside forces.

  10. When it come down to politicians in the U.S. the wheels of justice do two things, they turn slowly or do not turn at all. It does not tale a Harvard degree to understand that Hillary lied to the American people from the very beginning. She is second only to Mr. Obama when it comes to lying, she had over 30 years to perfect how to lie. If we had a justice department worth a gain of salt, they would be on top of this right now, recommending a special prosecutor who is fair and unbiased looking into her lies. Money talks in Washington and God only knows how much money Hillary is dishing out or promises she is making to keep this scandal from exploding. Justice can only be served when the whole truth is know.

  11. C’mon Reuters ……… tell us something we DIDN’T know. I mean do you really think anyone with half a brain doesn’t know that HillBill-e 2.0 is a compulsive liar, and will say anything to ingratiate her persona, and give herself a chance at more power? Wise up!

  12. We know she lied, but yet she is leading on the democrat side, she should be disqualified now but the media would rather cover gay pride, instead of reporting on a corrupt person running for the most powerful job in the world

  13. “A nation can survive its fools… but it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Cicero 42 B.C.

  14. I figured it out.There are only two types of Hillary voters. The first just will vote for her because she’s a woman, and has no clue about anything else about her. The second type is as morally bankrupt as she is and corrupt to the core.

  15. So, we have Hillary who is a proven liar telling us that she’s not lying. The big problem is that liberal voters are drawn to candidates that lie. It’s like a badge of honor to them.

  16. She lied to a Congressional panel and they are not going to press legal charges? I don’t care who she is or what her name is! Prosecute the Liar! She broke the law and lied, bottom line!! Hello jail! That’s where I would be or anyone else! An impeachable offense, right?

  17. The title is ” Emails show Hillary Clinton lied”…. nothing new there ….. all of America knows how she is….

  18. Maybe FINALLY liberals will understand that Hillary will throw ANYONE under the bus to make $500,00!!!!!

    Hillary professed that Andrew Stevens was a ‘VERY GOOD FRIEND” and I surmise that murder is included!!! She knew at least 10 days PRIOR to the Benghazi attack there was murder in the air!

    Damn her, damn all those who have protected her! Spineless, worthless, money grabbing Federal employees!!!!

    I could only hope those in charge will die soon so I can see them dead and buried, like Stevens and his loyal patriots!!!!

  19. Clintons do not lie! Never! they are our aristocracy. Our First Family. Would the President of these United States of America Stand up and lie to we the people. His subjects?? Would the Secretary of State do likewise. Cute little Princess Chelsea and that epitome of good deeds, the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation? NO NO NO, they would never lie to us. NO NO NO.

  20. She lied and?… The Clintons, The Bushes, and many other politicians have lied plenty of times. And no one does anything about it, because they can’t… The whole system is paid and bought by crooked people that will defend the lying politicians. As long as the politicians do what they are told. They will be guaranteed immunity from going to jail. If they refuse to go with the program. The hammer will come down on them and they will be locked up or killed. America,(You snooze. You lose.)….ZzZzZz

    • Bush lied???? What, Where and When????? Others????? Facts buddy….not Liberal talking points and “strawmen”. Slick Willie Clinton, Obama and Hillary are the only ones that I’m aware of lying to this degree….to investigators, the courts, and most importantly the American People!!!!!

  21. Emails show Hillary Clinton lied.
    Day by day more evident showed that this bitch was lying on every thing .

  22. You would have to be brain dead or the average Democrat to find this revelation remotely surprising. That sickning thing is she could very well be our next president which says volumes about the average voter legal or other wize.

  23. She belongs in prison. America better wake the fuck up and ditch this pig! She will kill America, women vote with your brains not you emotions!

  24. if she becomes president (because I am sure it is fixed who will win and the people really in control are the wealthiest
    people in this and other countries) I will move to another country!

    • Truth in politics has ALWAYS been an oxymoron. But truth in government should be.

      Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder for the former to be divorced from the latter.

  25. Emails show Hillary Clinton lied,
    read her lips just like her husbands.
    “I gave you all my email”s hillary
    I did not to have sex with that woman” bill

  26. Where have all the “faux” scandal folks gone? Maybe defending the 400+ email tapes the IRS WILLFULLY destroyed?

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