Elizabeth Edwards points out that John McCain’s Health program would not only exclude her but also would exclude John McCain, himself, as well. Check this out:

Elizabeth Edwards On McCain Health Plan: “Neither One Of Us Would Be Covered”

Under McCain’s plan, insurance companies “wouldn’t have to cover preexisting conditions like melanoma and breast cancer,” she said.

McCain’s plan focuses on offering new tax breaks for individuals who buy their own health insurance. But critics say the Arizona senator’s proposal avoids giving insurers requirements on whom they must cover and how much they may charge.

His plan would make it difficult for people with preexisting conditions, but who aren’t covered by a government- or job-sponsored plan, to buy individual coverage, Edwards said.

Cancer survivors are routinely denied insurance when they try to purchase it as individuals, health experts say.

This is the same old steal and spend Republican crap that doesn’t work and has led us to over 50 milion people without health insurance and growing everyday due to Bush’s failed economic policies that John McCain apparently embraces whole heartedly.

By the way, I say that until every American in the country has access to health insurance, that the American public stop paying for health insurance for any and every federal employee including George, Dick and the Congress! They’ve only got access to the best plan in the land. TAKE IT AWAY AND THEN LET’S SEE HOW FAST THINGS GET FIXED!

Remember to reelect the failed policies of Bush/McCain in 2008 — spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq!