It is almost decision time. A few of the Super States or Super numbers or Superdelegates or whatever the hell they’re called will determine who the Democratic Candidate for President will be in November.

Perhaps it is also time to figure out a way around the stupid methods we have of nominating a candidate
and just run 20 or 3 candidates for the position. That said, I once again raise the subject of Joe Biden for President.

The two characters who are fighting for the office are pathetic, and the way they swing and sway with what they think the voters want changes more often than I change my underwear–and at this age that means more than daily! The hatred for Clinton continues unabated, and the negatives about Obama are just beginning to surface. The opportunity for We The People to do something constructive to save our country (I still prefer impeachment)is at hand. We must take some action (nope, I have no idea what…) and sidestep the system and get Joe Biden to step in and save the day.

And the party.

And the country.

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