A real border skirmish

We can’t start our day without a stop at Andy Borowitz’s always entertaining site. His hypothetical post today on a “border skirmish” between Fox’s Geraldo Rivera and CNN’s Anderson Cooper sent coffee flying all over our keyboard.
Reports Borowitz:

While setting up a shot with his camera crew this morning, the Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera saw that another newscaster was clearly visible in the background of his shot: CNN’s Anderson Cooper.In a fury, Mr. Rivera dropped his microphone and ran over to Mr. Cooper, assaulting him with a barrage of verbal taunts.

“Get out of my shot, Hurricane Boy!” the unhinged Mr. Rivera reportedly shrieked, engaging Mr. Cooper in a fierce bout of slap-fighting.

Amid rising tensions between the two cable news behemoths, there were renewed calls for a third party to act as a buffer between CNN and Fox.

“What is needed is a neutral party who is not involved in the cable news ratings race,” one insider said. “Like CNBC.”

Elsewhere, at a joint appearance at the White House, President Bush praised Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the progress being made in Iraq, while Mr. al-Maliki voiced concerns about his car being stolen in his absence.