1. First he is for Common Core, now he is against it, His state has adopted it, he has sued his State Board of Education over it. In the below link is a map of the states and and Common Core adoption ( http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/08/20/common-core-support-waning-most-now-oppose-standards-national-surveys-show ). The map is very telling, the states that have not adapted Common Core are all Republican, with several Republican states having at first adopted and supported and now refuse to implement or have repealed Common Core.

    What is wrong with Republicans, do they not want students to be well educated, ready for college and better prepared to compete in the world? Republicans, anti-eduction?

  2. The Government will pay (bribe) them to use Common Core. If they don’t want to use Common Core they don’t have to. State sovereignty means you don’t have to accept bribes. What is Jindal’s problem, other than political?

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