Afghan aid money spent on high salaries

It was reported earlier today that Dick Cheney is making claims about Iran without any documented evidence.

Sound familar?

It was also commented by myself, that it sounded like Dick was running out of time to drain money out of the American people.

Here is more evidence. Check out this part:

“A vast amount of aid is absorbed by high salaries, living, security, transport and accommodation costs for expatriates working for consulting firms or contractors,” the report said. The costs are increasing with a recent deterioration in security, it said.

The cost of a full-time expatriate consultant working in Afghanistan is around $250,000, according to the group.

This is some 200 times the average annual salary of an Afghan civil servant, who is paid less than $1,000″ per year, the report said.

That’s not the good part though……

The report said that Afghanistan’s biggest donor, USAID, the U.S. government’s aid arm, allocates close to half of its funds to five large U.S. contractors and that “it is clear that substantial amounts of aid continue to be absorbed in corporate profits.”

The five companies are KBR, the Louis Berger Group, Chemonics International, Bearing Point and Dyncorp International, the report said.

KBR = Kellog Brown & Root a subsidiary of none other than Halliburton

As Gomer Pyle would say….”Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Ladies and Gentleman, I rest my case (haha)!

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