1. I don’t think it is fair to compare Obama’s interactions with Congress to Clinton’s: Every time Clinton went along with a Republican idea, the Republicans in Congress voted for it. Ever since Obama took office it has all been a game where they oppose anything he endorses, even if it was their idea to begin with. You can’t blame him for being aloof, when he knows he will get nothing from Congress no matter what he does. What’s he supposed to do? Cry?

  2. Boy how lucky Dubya was, in that incompetence is not an impeachable article.

    In a better world, Congress would be made up of adults putting the country and the people first and would work with the President no matter how “aloof” he was and they would not be infantile in their own conduct.

    Come on Congress be professionals…

  3. The American electorate put a man in the White House (not once, but TWICE) whose sole qualification was his experience as a community organizer in Chicago, and a brief (VERY brief) stint in the US Senate.

    What’s more, his single term in the US Senate came about largely because his opponent’s campaign self-destructed.

    It is now becoming painfully clear to all (including members of his own political party) that President Obama is simply not qualified to handle even the most rudimentary aspects of the job.

    Unfortunately, the American people are now reaping what they have sown. And also, unfortunately, incompetence is not an impeachable offense.

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