1. Bohdan

    Putin is evil, and the xenophobic expansionist hyper-nationalism which he has spawned is a very real danger to Europe and indirectly the entire world.

  2. Keith

    Indeed, the same was said about the USA (and its President) when a US Navy ship blasted an Iranian wide-bodied Airbus airliner out of the sky over the Persian Gulf a few years back.

    I also don’t recall reading or hearing the same level of “outrage” coming from the likes of our holier-than-thou politicians when it was the USA that was clearly at fault in THAT tragedy. To the contrary, that particular mass murder of innocent non-combatants was simply passed off by the US Government (and our lapdog mainstream US media) as an “unfortunate accident”.

    Dare I say “hypocrisy”?

    Sadly, all the while making war (and the weaponry that enables it) continues to be good for US and foreign business, such senseless tragedies will continue to occur.