1. Okay, anyone with half a brain knows Hillary’s recent lies carry the stretcher of desperation. On one level, I admire her relentless tenacity. The Party certainly needs more people with that characteristic, but . . .

    We who get to incur the fallout, including our children’s children, now require that tenacity to be infused with integrity. Over the last 7+ years, we have witnessed the concentrated version of all that we, as rational human beings, deplore. We have seen surreal, almost cartoonish displays of cruelty, disregard for common decency, the shredding of those basic and honorable freedoms fought and died for by this nation’s creators, the open embrace of greed, cronyism and classism . . . and, the lies. Lies proffered with malice. Lies intentionally designed and forced upon us through the medium of fear. Lies that take root. Lies that separate. Lies that destroy relationships here and abroad. Lies that set examples to our enemies and our children. Lies that stop the process of hope. I am tired of the lies and the Founders are spinning in their graves fast enough to power Las Vegas from now on.

    Hillary has shown her real weakness and it is a weakness we have all allowed to permeate every corridor of this nation’s government, whether dominated by the right or the left. It is the worst kind of weakness, because there is no honor in it. It says “You must trust me and you must trust my judgement”, even though that request of us is offered up squarely on the back of deceit itself.

    Ultimately, what is at issue here is whether we believe a pass should be given to the Hillarys of the world, allowing the perception that her lapse in character is acceptable because really, how could character be so tarnished as under this neocon train wreck? People (who get paid to make up and then mitigate the lies) have asked us to look the other way for the greater good. Well, I’m sorry, but if Hillary or Barack or McCain think it’s okay to obfuscate and omit and then turn around and make a stink about how the other candidate just lied bigger, then the greater good actually starts with We the People. You know, the folks those candidates work for when they eventually are deemed “the only remaining real choice we’ve got”. Well, I’m tired of settling and I hope anyone who reads this is too.

    Hillary needs to take a breath, step back . . . and see that she is going to destroy what should have been child’s play. She has turned this nomination into a vile cesspool, filled to the brim with the same dirty stench of low character we’ve been living downwind from for over a decade.
    Hillary, thanks for fighting for the cause. Now please drop out for the sake of the party, the nation and the world. It can’t be about you or retribution, or taking office on the basis of lies. It has to be about hope, honor and change.

    It’s truly unfortunate. We need a woman’s sensibilities running this show for awhile . . . just not this woman.

  2. Mispoke – Mispeaking – (miss)?

    This is a word that could only be born out of our modern day politics. I asked Mama. She is 90 years old. She said she never heard it before.

  3. “The embarassment of it should cause her to withdraw.”

    The Clintons are incapable of embarrassment.

    — Kent Shaw

  4. I did happen to catch a CNN discusion about the sniper fire story and was quite surprised to find them “analyzing” it correctly. They made the point that “mispoke” was a ridiculous response. In no way could she be considered to have “accidently” mispoke. This was a deliberate made up lie that was repeatedly embelished over time. Everyone is amazed that she thought she could get away with it.

    Assuming that the true story will be revealed to the voters, this should end Hillary’s quest for the nomination. The embarassment of it should cause her to withdraw. I mean, c’mon folks, she has been caught in a deliberate bald faced lie about one of the most significant claims/contentions of her qualifications for the job. She lied about the “experience” issue. This is about WHY you should vote for her – or not. This was not mispeaking or shooting oneself in the foot. She committed suicide!

    How could anyone possibly vote for Hillary Clinton now?

    How could she possibly face the public now?

    But Hillary will win the Pennsylvania primary and use that to justify continuing all the way to the convention floor attempting to convice enough super delegates that they should override the voting public and “appoint” her the democratic nominee for president because she wins the large electoral college states. And she will make it possible for John McCain to win the presidency in an atmosphere where just a short time ago there was no chance for any republican to win much of anything.

    I wish someone could explain to me why she will still win the Pennsyvania primary or why ANY of the super delegates could consider voting for her.

  5. Maybe the Media should start running videos of Bill pointing his finger saying “I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN”, interspersed with Hillary describing her under sniper fire speech with the actual footage of the ceremony.

    It’s getting embarrassing to watch her and her people.

  6. Lets just hope the MSM gives this the same endless loop treatment they gave Reverend Wright. They should show the CBS video of Hillary walking off the plane and meeting the 8 year old girl and the other dignataries with the caption


  7. “To top this debacle, we still have the spectacle of the absurdly cartoonish James Carville “branding” Bill Richardson as a “Judas” for not showing sufficient fealty to the Clintons.”

    I wonder if he meant to compare Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ.

    — Kent Shaw

    I think maybe Carville was saying that Bill Clinton is Jesus, which would make Hillary either Mary Magdalene (wasn’t she a working girl?) or the Virgin Mary (which would explain Monica, Paula, et al)

    It’s atrocious what Carville said about Richardson, small minded, petty and divisive. Why are the Clintons not denouncing and rejecting him and his statement? (Rhetorical question)

  8. “To top this debacle, we still have the spectacle of the absurdly cartoonish James Carville “branding” Bill Richardson as a “Judas” for not showing sufficient fealty to the Clintons.”

    I wonder if he meant to compare Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ.

    — Kent Shaw

  9. That’s all folks!

    Hillary is toast. If you build a campaign on being an “experienced leader” and it is uncovered as BS, there is no recovery.

    To top this debacle, we still have the spectacle of the absurdly cartoonish James Carville “branding” Bill Richardson as a “Judas” for not showing sufficient fealty to the Clintons.

    His whining makes the whole Clintion campaign sound like a collection of vindictive losers, which only serves to widen the sewer drain they are all being sucked into. It is amazing to me that the Clinton campaign is so incompetent that they have not shut this fool up already.

    Oh well….

  10. Carter is also a member of the Trilateral Commission and likely a Bildergerger as well.

    — Kent Shaw

  11. @Steve & Adam
    The right wing media machine was alive and strong in the late 70’s early 80′.
    They propagandized Dukukas when he went for a ride in that tank and released Willy Horton from prison early.
    And they also B.S.ed us about the liberal press which they stated was the New York Times. Wrong!

    It was a sad state of affairs when Regan went behind Carter’s back and negotiated the hostage release.
    I had a lot of respect for Mr Carter intill I found out he was or is a member of the Counsil on Foreign Relations, which in my mind is not in adherance with our constitution and the oath of office of the presidency……………

  12. Poor Jimmy got blamed for the economic mess he inherited from Nixon/Ford. And also because the military failed a rescue mission. I still dont understand that one. Military choppers crash in the desert and somehow that’s the presidents fault?? I could understand it if they were shot down, but they werent. The job was borked.

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