1. Indeed.

    I firmly believe the world would be a FAR safer place if the USA could only learn to stop poking its nose into other country’s affairs.

  2. It says it is holding troops in readiness to protect Russian-speakers in the east – the same rationale it used for taking over Crimea.

    This is a lie. Crimea held a referendum and voted to join Russia. Russian military was already present on the peninsula from their 50 year lease on the base at Sevastopol. They simply moved off the base to keep what is happening now in Eastern Ukraine from happening in Crimea. I’d say their action was justified. Just look at Eastern Ukraine and the violence perpetrated against those people by the fascist government in Kiev.

    The US did create a coup using the fascist Right Sector against the legally elected government of Kiev. All these are known facts, known everywhere but within the USA where the media has continually lied and distorted the facts to please the Unitary Executive.

  3. War is hell. Always has been.

    And while I certainly share the outrage of the rest of the world for this tragedy (and the grief from those families who have lost loved ones) I still can’t believe the total lack of concern that would allow a supposedly seasoned flight crew to deliberately fly their aircraft over a known war zone.

    Unfortunately, such “collateral damage” has been a sad feature of war for eons.

    But while the USA is now pointing the finger at Russia over this latest episode, it is absolutely NO different than the horrific “collateral damage” the USA has routinely inflicted on the civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan with it’s own drones, bombs and missiles.

    Unless and until the world’s superpowers agree to stop making war (and providing advanced weaponry to those upstarts who continue to do so) such horrific tragedies are going to happen again and again.

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