1. Spokesman Aaron Albright said more than 425,000 inconsistencies have been resolved so far, more than 90 percent of those in favor of the consumer.

    The flip side being only 15% of the problems have been resolved finding roughly 10% of those were ineligible for coverage or supplemental premiums due mostly to illegal immigration and misreporting or lying about income. If we were talking about disease this would be described as an epidemic. I guess for government 10% fraud and waste is business as usual.

    • Um, no? Try looking into the percentage of fraud and waste in the Iraq war… I think that’s a leetle more than 10%.

      And yes, people lie on government forms. Film at 11.

      More than 90% doesn’t mean ‘10%’. Until you give me hard numbers, forget your ‘epidemic’. Entirely different ideas. Is 10% of people lightly fudging their taxes, by deliberate action or sheer incomprehension of what is and is not deductible, an epidemic? If 10% of the population has pertussis that is, but that’s not quite the same thing…


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