1. Even worse: Thursday evening, the Supreme Court issued an emergency stay saying that companies can have religious objections to a third party paying for birth control they don’t like, EVEN THOUGH the use of such third-party payers was the reason they cited in their Monday opinion for Hobby Lobby et al!

    Even they don’t believe their BS!

  2. If a corporation (aka ‘legal fiction version of personhood’) can claim exemption from things it finds objectionable; can I as a flesh and blood person also claim to be exempt from certain things on religious grounds?

    Such as not paying the portion of my federal taxes that pay for the war in Iraq because it violates several Commandments:
    Thou shall not kill
    Thou shalt not steal
    Thou shall not bear false witness
    Thou shall not covet

    Is this truly the legal precedent the the SCOTUS wants to set?

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