1. Yeah, I was wondering about that teen-ager’s death too. I have a 17-y-o son, and he’s pretty capable, but not capable of being a threat to another country…

  2. The government claims against al-Awlaki are not proven in a court of law in a trial of his peers. The government could make this claim against any one of us. The government has proven themselves to be full of liars.

    I’d also like to see the justification for killing al-Awlaki’s 16-year old son two weeks after al-Awlaki’s assassination. Remember they originally claimed he was collateral damage from al-Awlaki’s assassination. Has to be something to this too since the media has tried to forget about it.

  3. “it argues among other things that a targeted killing of a U.S. citizen is permissible under a 2001 law passed by Congress soon after 9/11. ”

    I’m a U.S. Citizen. Where do I apply to be targeted next? After me, there’s you.


    • There is definitely a disconnect here. They seem to have forgotten we have a God given right to due process including a trial by our peers. Some lawyers stating we don’t have that right doesn’t change a thing.

      • Not really God-given. God gave nobody rights. It is a mark of a civilization made of humankind that observes that certain rights should be inalienable. Dogs have no rights except those given and enforced by Man. Neither mice nor rats nor ants nor spiders nor amoebas likewise. God may have made them all, but the rights were conceived and given by Mankind.


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