1. They’re flippin’ burgers and greeting at superstores. The job increases have been almost entirely in very low-wage service industries.

    Some, just for dignity, refuse, and I can’t blame them.


  2. I would love to see a number that relates to how many recent graduates from both high school and college are finding jobs. But of course those are not counted since they can not apply for unemployment compensation since they have not worked before. I want to see a real unemployment figure published before the November elections and maybe people will wake up to this disaster of an administration we have in Washington.

    • I read the other day that only 1 out of 5 college graduates are finding work Roy. I can’t find the article now but I’m sure that was the statistic. It was an article about the student loan default rate creeping up to nearly 50%. That’s nearly have of a trillion dollars in loans that are junk!

  3. What is also not taken into account has been the absolutely MASSIVE automation of the manufacturing industry over the last few decades.

    The simple truth is that the vast majority of those once labor-intensive jobs that people held are now history…and they AREN’T coming back….regardless of whether the economy picks up or not. Those jobs haven’t been shipped to China or Mexico….they’ve been automated.

    Clearly, the nation’s labor unions have yet to wake up to this fact. They keep demanding higher and higher wages for essentially unskilled labor that a computer-based machine can now do FAR more reliably….and at a small fraction of the cost to an employer.

    It used to be employers had no choice but to cave to outrageous union wage demands for unskilled labor. Now, employers have far more choices in the matter than they once did. And, increasingly, consolidation and automation is at (or near) the top of their lists.

    People simply aren’t going to get today’s (or tomorrow’s) jobs with yesterday’s skill set.

  4. This is what happens when we allow the government to get away with cooking the books. 20% of US families has NO ONE in the work force. And the government claims unemployment is on the right track. LIARS!

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