The pledge of allegiance ends with the following words….

“with Liberty and Justice for all.”

But that doesn’t exist in America today anymore. Honestly!

Our justice system offers liberty and justice for those with money for a good attorney. The more money you spend, the more justice you get.

We have many examples of this. Just look at celebrity trials in Los Angeles. The bigger the celebrity, the more money they spend on thier attorneys and the more justice you get.

I experience this myself many years ago when my youngest son was part of the system. I watched poor parents who could no afford an attorney, fall victimes to this system. Their children did not get justice. They could not afford it. Myself, I couldn’t afford it either, but thankfully I managed through family ties to obtain a very good attorney.

Those who pushed back in our justice system by paying for an attorney, got a lot more justice than those who didn’t.

Now today, it has expanded into our health care system. The headlines say it plainly:

Gap in Life Expectancy Widens for the Nation

or this……

Can wealth affect health?

There have been plenty of studies that have documented that people without health insurance, go to the doctor later and therefore die earlier than those without health insurance.

The Declaration of Independence proclaim that one of our inalienable rights is Life. The steal and spend Republicans have spent the last 30 years trying to legislate a right to life. And yet they consistently block attempts at fair and reasonable plans to provide all of our citizens access to health insurance.

All they offer are tax breaks. Let me tell you a little secret…..TAX BREAKS ONLY WORK FOR PEOPLE WITH MONEY….preferably LOTS OF MONEY! Tax breaks will not get 40 million uninsured people on the insurance rolls and a chance at the same type of healthy life, that the other 260 million people have.

These 40 million people are mostly the working poor. People who work for small business but don’t get any employee benefits…..because businesses are not required to even provide access to health insurance.

In 1976, minimum wage was approx $3/hr. Thirty years later it is approx $6/hr. If companies can require regular attendance as a condition of employment, then they also need to provide those employees access to the means to be healthy so they can have regular attendance.

So companies should either provide the insurance for their employees or pay a decent enough wage for their employees to buy their own. If we did this, then there would a lot less people without insurance.

But under the steal and spend Republican party, the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer, and the Middle Class that pays the vast majority of all the taxes grows smaller and smaller yet.

Here are some interesting statistics to prove my point:

Americans who report good health

Under $20,000: 37%
$20,000-$40,000: 47%
$40,000-$60,000: 56%
$60,000-$80,000: 62%
Over $80,000: 71%

Americans diagnosed with diabetes

Under $20,000: 13.9%
$20,000-$40,000: 12.8%
$40,000-$60,000: 12%
$60,000-$80,000: 8.5%
Over $80,000: 6.5%

Source: National Center for Health Statistics

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