1. The pundits gave ‘im sh** for not showing up, and then they give ‘im sh** for showing up. Hard to win against people like that.

    There’s more to honor than serving your country. Dishonorable men served with distinction. Honorable men refused to serve at all. Your country is not always right.

    The claim was made that the Guantanamo inmates were ‘known enemies of the United States’ (wouldn’t you be, if they invaded your country?) but the claim was made in the popular press, never in a court of law. No allegation was ever brought and no indictment sought, let alone a prosecution.

    I would concur that Sgt. Bergdahl is, beyond a reasonable doubt, a deserter, but that too has not been brought forth in any court.

    And none of this is relevant to the topic at hand.


    • No, the only “dishonor” yesterday was a hypocrite (who never served and who traded known enemies of the United States for a deserter) talking about “honor”‘.

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