1. Well Woody188, I think the idea of taxing Employer provided health care as wages was a Republican idea. As are a few other tax benefits as wages ideas in some of the Republican budget plans.

  2. I imagine once every single working person sees their taxes increase by $1,750 per year as they start taxing employer health care contributions as wages that opposition to the ACA will significantly increase. Of course Obama has delayed enacting that provision of the law until after elections. Unsure why he’s allowed to pick and choose what provisions he enforces. Seems like a violation of the separation of powers and yet another Constitutional crisis under his watch.

  3. Just rename it “RomneyCare” and the Republicans should be fine with it. I think the main problem they have with it now is that they have forever named it “ObamaCare” so for the next 100 years a Democrat’s name will be on a popular government program. Just imagine how they would feel about “LBJcare” (for Medicare) or “FDRpension” for Social Security!

    • Good comment, Pondering_It_All!

      RE: the article, it mentioned one of the popular selling points of the insurance which is non-denial due to preexisting conditions. Some insurance companies made that a regular practice. Read several stories about denials by insurance companies before Obamacare, and the effect on the applicant/patients was devastating.

      RE: the Republican plan to counteract Obamacare, it must not be much of a plan or they would not have delayed it indefinitely….and if all they have so far is: “health savings accounts and allowing insurance to be sold across state lines”, that’s a 98-pound weakling next to the advantages of Obamacare.

      This constant refrain by some Republicans reminds me of some people I’ve met who get stuck on certain issues in life and never seem to progress or move on or adapt. You’ve probably met people like that too…..People who’ve never adjusted to a life change….They have trouble dealing with a reality they cannot change….How do respond to them and how do you feel when you’re around them and for the 99th time they re-hash the same tattered, unchanged issue?

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