• I don’t work for anyone. Spain and Canadian adventures pursuing these renewable energy technologies before they are ready to have a negative effect upon their economies. Of course when one has no argument one must attack the integrity of the messenger. I’m sorry it’s out of your ability of reason to believe people other than rich industrialists don’t want to have our economy soured and our pocket books robbed over an unproven theory. Consensus isn’t fact.

  1. “What are they going to be left with if they don’t curb carbon dioxide now?” she said. “If you care about your little ones then that’s what you need to think about, and not so much the here and now.”

    Always when trying to convince people of something they know if wrong, trot out the children. No one wants to be accused of being against children.

    At least our children will have lots of clean air to breathe since they’ll be outside all the time…jobless and homeless. They can always eat their iPads.

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