1. My goodness. How I wish the greatest issue facing our nation was how Mrs Obama pays for her wardrobe!
    It’s really sad when what passes for political debate comes down to this

  2. These high fashion gowns are sent to the white house so that she has plenty of choices for any evening of glamour. The moment a choice is made the gowns are available for sale all over the world.

  3. Oh GEEEZ!, The First Lady has many duties and responsibilities all of which she is not payed for performing. Whether or not the clothing is bought, borrowed or donated should not matter, that no “quid pro quo” occurs should matter, that borrowed is returned and donated given to the government should matter. If the First Lady looked frumpy, dated or OMG she wore that last decade to the flower show at the elementary school. Those who are complaining here would complain that she is not representing the US in a good light.

    This story is a no-hill trying to be made into a mountain.

  4. “Those three dresses by themselves could add up to more than $15,000 retail…”

    “And like most people, Mrs. Obama (mostly her personal aide, really) looks for discounts.”


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