1. Here in Ontario, our tree-hugging, rectal-cranial inverted politicians just recently closed down the second cleanest coal-fired power plant on the planet…all in favor of building massive wind farms (that nobody wants) and gas-fired power plants (that again, nobody wants).

    But, many ways, they’ve created a self correcting problem.

    That’s because the price now being paid by us for all this “green energy” has now forced scores of once thriving manufacturers to relocate elsewhere. And new businesses aren’t coming into the province because the cost for power (not to mention everything else) here is soaring.

    As a direct result, the electric grid in Ontario is now WAY overbuilt, so electricity use (from the remaining coal-fired plants) is way down. And since a good portion of our power here is still generated by nuclear plants (which can’t be quickly turned on and off like a coal-fired plant can) the result is that Ontario Hydro must now freqently pay other utilities in other provinces (and the USA) to get rid of all the excess power that’s now being generated up here.

    So, we rate-payers are actually paying TWICE for all this stupid “green energy” nonsense…..once to generate it, and once more to get rid of the excess.

    Personally, I can think of absolutely no better way to drive yet ANOTHER nail in the already struggling US economy than to actually implement Obama’s cockamamie energy plans.

  2. Yes, we should strive to lower our impact on the planet, but artificially raising the costs of fossil fuels via EPA fines isn’t the way to go about doing it. This will only serve to hurt the middle class even further.

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