1. The IRS should probably check out Henry Kulik’s records. They own Mom’s Italian Water Ice in Hatfield, PA and only accept cash. Something kooky must be going on for them to get subsidized coverage. Probably not politically correct to go after a disabled person but everyone needs to pay their fair share.

  2. I’m part of the group that thinks Obamacare was just another sell-out by politicians to the so called Health Ins. Industry and that it actually to some degree makes the situation worse , by enshrining a private / public approach which I oppose. We have NO need for a parasitic Health Ins. Industry, Obama could have by fiat expanded Medicare to everyone. He chose instead to turn millions over to the health Ins. Corps. that now essentially own their bodies and if they don’t pay them they get the Gov’t to fine you. People that approve of this approach compare it to car Ins. that your required to have if you own a car. One BIG difference , you don’t need any car Ins. if you don’t drive or don’t own a car? With this you don’t have that choice. Nobody should ever be forced to buy someone else’s private product by Gov’t mandate. It’s extortion let’s not try and dress it up as something else.

  3. And if they think they can win by threatening to take insurance coverage away from sick children who could never be covered before ACA, they are in for a big surprise: That kind of threat creates highly-motivated opponents. Not just people who oppose you for ideological reasons or party loyalty, but people who are willing to do anything to defeat you. They are qualitatively different, and not just numbers in polls or election results.

    If they actually succeeded in killing ACA, some tiny (but real) percentage of the parents of the resulting dead children would dedicate their lives to making those lawmaker’s live miserable and short. (Note: This is NOT a threat, but rather just an observation about human behavior.)

  4. The last time I checked, a majority of the population had a negative view of the ACA (Obamacare). However, that includes two groups: (1) Republicans (mostly) who don’t like the law, and (2) others who think the ACA doesn’t go far enough, and who favor a Canadian-type single payer system. (I’m in this second group)

    So far, Obamacare as signed up 8 million people, but the number of people without health insurance was 42 million !!

    If the Republicans think they can win elections solely by opposing Obamcare, without proposing anything better, they’d better think again.

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