1. Did you get that?

    The whole NSA program is illegal under the Constitution, but the USA Freedom Act will codify (set a precedent into law) the actions after the fact so they will continue to spy on all your communications. This is how government encroaches on freedom. Create a problem and then “fix” the problem.

    Everything is still done in secret. There is no way to challenge any status or category one might have been labelled by the government. One will not know they are under scrutiny until they are snatched off the street and whisked away to a torture prison on the other side of the globe, or until their daughter’s wedding is bombed by a drone. Ain’t freedom great?

    It’s also important to note the concentration on the phone bulk collection program. They hope you’ll forget they are also collecting all you email, instant messenger, Facebook posts, this very message I post on this website, everything that flows across the Internet for their prying eyes.

    Don’t let up on this issue. There is a delicate balance between liberty and security. The founders of our nation recognized this balance and laid out the restrictions for our government to follow in our Bill of Rights. The government has decided to ignore the Constitution and violate our Bill of Rights. It is now up to the people to show the government we won’t stand for it.

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