1. “intervened Friday to prevent a vote”

    To prevent a vote? Hello, I thought we had a representative democracy here. Why isn’t everyone screaming about this?

    Why isn’t everyone screaming about this?

    Intervened to prevent a vote? Um.

    Er, ah.


  2. The immigration system is only dysfunctional because the executive refuses to enforce the law and prosecutes states that attempt to enforce the law claiming the power belongs only to the Federal government.

  3. Why is a minority group ruling our country? This is how the republicans shut down the government recently. And they blamed the tea party influence. They want to block everything. What kind of policy is this? How are they contributing to America’s future? I’m getting sick of these guys being blockers and not solution providers. They don’t let bills come to a vote because they oppose them. Fine, put forward a better solution if you have one. I have voted republican in the past but no more.

  4. The Republicans say they are for the little guy! They won’t even provide a path to citizenship for those who risk it all for this country. People, remember this and all the obstructionist activities the Republicans have done these last 6 years come this election and in 2016.

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