1. Obama lied about Illegal Immigrant Deportations.

    In FY2013, out of 368,644 alleged deportations/removals, only 133,551 illegals were deported/removed from the interior of our country.

    the other 235,093, so-called deportations/removals, were border-turnarounds.

    Until Obama, border-turnarounds have never been counted as deportations

    The reality is that in FY2013, only 133,551 illegal immigrants, 110,115 of which were previously convicted criminals, were deported, by Obama, from our United States.

    Obama’s 133,551 FY2013 illegal immigrant deportations are the lowest number of deportations in over 20 years

    03-31-2014 68,000 undocumented immigrants with criminal records released in 2013

    872,000 previously ordered deported illegal immigrants are still in our United States, now referred to as “fugitives from justice.”


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