1. They claim to be necessary to squash voter fraud ( which everyone agrees is almost non-existent), in fact they are actually voter suppression, which is systematic fraud on a massive scale. These are neo-Jim Crow laws nothing more.

  2. I understand that all verified cases of voter fraud staked-up against the winning percentages in 99.999999% of campaigns render fraud a moot point. So, I guess it makes good sense that republican controlled legislatures would use such a talking point as reason enough to put “controls” in place that’ll obstruct and deter voter turnout amongst those segments of the electorate know to reject republican candidates.

  3. So the law requires proof of identity with each submitted absentee ballot: This will wipe out a significant portion of the elderly votes, which tend to be mostly Republican! I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot once again.

  4. Huh? So it’s okay for governments to do unconstitutional things if it’s too inconvenient to not do them? This guy is messed up.

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