1. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre never bothers to read the headlines

    Hardly a week goes by without a new report of ANOTHER mass gun killing by some lunatic in the USA. And idiots like LaPierre are still trying to
    figure out the solution to these gun shootings:. Is it
    “more guns”, , “more mental heath care”, “more religion”,
    “less bullying” , “more armed guards” etc.

    Hey, LaPierre!!! Just Look around you at the rest of the civilized world.
    Every other developed country in the world has ALREADY figured out how
    NOT make gun massacres a monthly news event.

    England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan,
    New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria
    Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, France,
    Germany…all the other developed countries of the world DON’T have
    these monthly shootings. Only in the USA have
    massacres become a regular ritual.
    It’s simple. Because other countries take gun ownership SERIOUSLY. People in other countries can’t just walk into Guns Galore and buy an assault rifle… like a 6 pack of beer.

    Meanwhile….owning a lethal weapon in the US is a JOKE. Anyone can own a gun….”raging racists”. the mentally insane, the
    blind, drug addicts, alcoholics, suspected terrorists, people with uncontrollable rage, 4 year old toddlers, even people who don’t know
    which end of the gun is front…ANYONE..can own a deadly weapon that can cause
    mass destruction.

    Yet Americans are still trying to figure out why THEY are the only developed country on earth with monthly gun massacres?

    When all the other advanced countries around the world have already solved a problem that Americans still keep having month after month…year after year…and
    Americans still can’t figure out why they are the only one left with the problem.– It’s probably because Americans don’t have enough common
    sense to learn from other people.

    They have to keep making the same mistake over and over again.

    It’s called STUPIDITY.

    • It’s called ‘Profit’.

      One can personally acquire a great deal of money despite what it costs the general society. If it cost the country a billion, yet I personally profit a million, what’s not to like?


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