1. If I setup my over-the-air antenna and tuner on the top of a hill on my property, to send a packet stream via my LAN to my house for recording or viewing, would I be violating copyright law?

    If I setup my over-the-air antenna and tuner on my friend’s property and sent the resulting packet stream via Internet to my house, would THAT violate copyright law?

    I don’t think it would in either case, and I don’t understand how Aereo’s antennas are any different from my antenna. Would it somehow be “more legal” if Aereo sold me one of their tiny antennas, so it was “my antenna”?

    • That’s actually a really good idea about the antenna. Create a device like a Roku that has Digital OTA capabilities that could be broadcast to authenticated devices in the LAN or out to the WAN/Internet for remote viewing from a phone, tablet or other device.

      DirecTV has an app that does this in a manner of speaking, but don’t allow any local OTA at this time.

      • SiliconDust has dual tuners that can turn OTA broadcasts into TCP streams. MythTV or Windows Media Center (and probably lots of other devices) can record those. They include a viewer/tuner app with the device if you just want to watch live TV. Of course, you need a local LAN or internet connection that can handle >12 Mbps for HD.

        The point is that anybody can duplicate what Aereo is doing for under $100, if they have a fast internet connection.

        • Yeah, I think so long as you are using the streams yourself and not reselling them or live streaming to a paid audience you are probably OK so long as the commercials aren’t automatically stripped out. I had a MythTV box back in the early years when OTA went digital and had to remove commercials automatically. It was a great device. When we moved out to the country we weren’t getting OTA any more and ended up with DirecTV. Their boxes are OK but my wife and I still opine over the loss of our Myth box.

  2. Me thinks Aero may become a bit more expensive come later this year. To me, Aero is providing a service just like Comcast, RoadRunner, AT&T cable, WOW and so on, thus Aero should be held to the same legal standard as the other providers.

    Next big issue to solve; murderous fees charged buy the networks to providers.

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