1. “Bring up racism in today”s society and you often find those who embrace bigotry screaming the loudest in claiming they aren’t what they are.”

    As an aside, that’s a classic trick. If you are vulnerable to a certain accusation, the very first thing you do is accuse your opponents of exactly that same thing. If and when they get around to pointing out that “Um, actually, that’s a pretty accurate description of yourself” you just laugh at them for being too stupid to come up with a new insult on their own.

    And thus you win the soundbite wars.


  2. Henry Aaron received hundreds of thousands of letters when he broke Babe Ruth’s record, and about a third were hostile, verging on death threats. Evidently, to a lot of whites, Aaron dethroning Babe Rush struck a nerve.

  3. Regarding Doug’s column…so true…so true….in Ken Burn’s documentary, The Civil War, one of the historians said that one of the major themes in this country is race. And looking at what is happening in the here and now, that major theme continues to be one. The only sign of hope seems to be that more and more young people seem to be increasingly tolerant of differences — sexual orientation, race, etc.

  4. Does racism exist. Yes. What we see today is charges of racism being used to attack the character and credibility of people willing to speak out against an Executive run amok. Character assassination is a classic example of behavior manipulation. Is it any wonder many corporate news sites all start shouting about racism at the same time Obama fails in Ukraine and at home with the ACA roll out?

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