1. Money , according to the Supreme Court, is the only freedom of speech left in the United States. 10% of the population controls 99% of the money. Criminals with money are found to suffer from “affluenza” and don’t see much if any jail time. Bankers guilty of fraud aren’t even charged.

    The rest of us, if we are lucky enough to not be shot and killed by the police, will see mandatory and maximum sentences for minor crimes. We are “sheltered in place” while the police go door to door searching our homes. We are corralled into “free speech zones” because what we have to say might be upsetting to some or goes against the government and media narrative.

    Our phone calls, emails, instant messages, Facebook status, even this very post on CHB is tracked, logged, and examined by the NSA for terrorist activity. Our cell phone locations are tracked and logged. Our phone microphones can be remotely activated to allow our conversations to be recorded. There is no expectation of privacy in any public accessible area. Filming police or government activity will result in an attempt to confiscate your equipment and a charge of suspected terrorism.

    The Unitary Executive executes people at his own will and discretion, or disappears them indefinitely to far away torture prisons. This is justified by secret decisions to secret laws that we aren’t allowed to see. Where is the US Constitution in all this?

    Yet the big problem is racism. It’s not the fact that the Unitary Executive is completely lawless, changing laws on his own, selectively enforcing laws, ignoring the Constitution, his oath, and international law. Trampling on human rights we’ve had since the 1400’s. He’s black. We hate him because he’s black.

  2. My “Aha” moment with this finally came after Hurricane Katrina. I knew some folks I suspected of racism who were also ferocious defenders of the 2nd Amendment, and we got into an argument about the house-to-house gun seizures the residents of New Orleans were forced to endure – at least the ones in the predominantly black neighborhoods. Long story short, they argued as if they believed – which they might have but didn’t say so overtly – the 2nd Amendment should only be for whites. Despite all of their “You need guns to defend yourself” rhetoric, when I pointed this out to them they said “But those areas are filled with crime! The guns needed to go!”

    I reminded them that according to statistics constantly cited by the NRA, more guns equals less crime, and thus they should have gotten to keep their guns in order to keep the crime down in their neighborhood. That didn’t make any difference. “Those people shouldn’t have the right to have guns,” one said, and that was that.

  3. Yes racism is repugnant. When you see it up close and they think you are one of them they let their guard down and bellow about how they’d love to kill the President personally and on and on. They’re sickening. My parents long ago left Texas because of racism and in my life I’ve dumped dozens of former friends for the same reason.
    It’s not difficult to find racists because they are usually with the stupidest people you know and their heroes are all sociopaths.

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