1. If Hillary Clinton thinks she can ignore the issue of cannabis legalization, she will lose the 2016 election.
    I assumed Bill Clinton and Obama would end the disaster of cannabis prohibition. Obviously, I was wrong.
    I will not make any assumptions about Hillary. She has to strongly support cannabis legalization or I will vote against her.

  2. I have to agree with the “R’s” on this one. The “D’s” don’t have an advantage on the medical marijuana issue when the largest beneficiaries of the sensible reform would be the same group that flocks to the state to retire.

    I’ve been for legalization and regulation of all drugs for some time now. One because I don’t believe in laws regulating what we put in our own bodies and two because the economics behind the “Drug War” are always a losing proposition, Over 30 years fighting the “Drug War” and all we have to show for it is debt and increasing cartel violence.

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