1. So let me see if I’ve got this straight. These militia folks are willing to let farmers and ranchers all over the country lose their land for a variety of unethical reasons like Monsanto lawsuits and they don’t say a word, but when a guy gets angry about losing the ability to not pay to use land that he and his family never owned in the first place, they show up in force. Displaying their native intelligence, obviously.

    • There is obviously much more to the story given the Nevada governor’s earlier statement. AP likes to exclude important information in order to give their stories a pro-federal slant. Reuters does it as well but AP is worse and has dropped most impartiality from their stories for some time now.

      • Actually I’ve been following Bundy’s story on and off for nearly two years, since shortly after the last time the BLM tried taking his cattle, in the process of researching the modern cattle industry out West. I’ve read the 1998 court documents and numerous Las Vegas and Mesquite news articles about him since that time (including one from 2012 where he told the local paper that he would never follow any federal law).

        He owns a 150,000 acre ranch which a magazine article described a couple of years ago as “pristine”. Of course it’s pristine; he generally doesn’t graze his cattle on his own land.

        My conclusion in these two years is that he’s nothing more than an opportunist who makes a mockery of ranchers and farmers, by slapping his own face on the real tragedies going on everywhere in the country of ranchers and farmers losing their lands both to the government and corporations, in order to keep receiving his agricultural welfare.

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