1. “Obamacare is 3rd rate private Ins.” How so? I had to look over the various plans to help my wife choose what she was going to get, and they were the exact same policies that you’d get privately or through an employer. In fact the one she chose is exactly what she would have gotten if I’d added her to my employer’s plan, by the same company, except for costing $210 a month less.

  2. I still object to my tax dollars being given to private Health Ins. Corps. and I especially object to being compelled by force of law to do so. If its so important that all Americans have Health care ( & I believe it is) then it should be done directly through taxation and administered directly by the Gov’t, just as Medicare , Medicaid and the Vet admin. does today. Obamacare is 3rd rate private Ins. that people are being forced to buy or else. Its little more then extortion. Worse its a highly inefficient way to provide care and worse yet unnecessary. The President could have declared a State of Emergency and extended Medicare to everyone and taxed us to do it. No need to fatten the bottom lines of dozens of hugely profitable Corps.to do it. No reason beyond the obviously corrupt ones.

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