1. After reading hundreds of articles and political bickering, I have yet to see anyone talk about the practical application of a policy.

    I took an older relative to an Ophthalmologist today, who was diagnosed with Cataracts and will need surgery on both eyes.

    They are covered by Medicaid, and adding 3 million people to the Medicaid rolls is what is claimed as part of the success of Obamacare.

    However, my relative will need to come up with an additional 2,000 dollars in cash in order to be able to have surgery performed. No money = no treatment.

    Does the average middle class to poor person have this kind of money laying around?

    I have a feeling that many people, (whether it be 7.1 million or 1 million, does it matter?) with these newly minted plans purchased on the exchanges go to doctors offices and private practices they will be be in for a shock. Even a tax subsidized plan with lower premiums will be carrying thousands in deductibles.

    Insurance does not guarantee access to health care, and if you have a plan you may be in for quite a shock in terms of what the insurance will cover.

    As long as ACCESS and treatment in the health care system is based on income, only the insurance companies win. Which, I assume was the intent of Obamacare anyway.

    • The other catch is that many don’t realize that Medicaid in most states is a loan and your relatives assets will be subject to forfeiture upon their demise. How’s that for free healthcare?

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