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    Rumor has it the Unitary Executive is counting abandoned sign ups. These are defined as people that started the process and quit to sign up elsewhere with counseling services, and those that created multiple accounts when the website wasn’t working but finally were able to complete one full transaction. Removing these abandoned accounts from the equation brings the estimate down to 2.5 million, which lines up closer to what the states and the insurance companies are reporting. Also, insurance companies are saying less than half of those registered are making their first payment. Also according to the insurance companies, young and healthy people only comprise 10% of sign ups.

    All of this spells certain doom for the program, or massive increases in already too high premium costs or taxes raised or borrowed from China to cover the gap.

    Also note, many of those signed up for Medicare will now have their assets seized upon their demise. Medicare isn’t free healthcare, it’s essentially a loan. In many states, the “creditors” are allowed to seize any assets to pay for your healthcare once you are gone.

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