1. The sad truth is that NONE of this is new.

    Unfortunately, this so called “cheating” stuff is PRECISELY what happens when management evaluation tools become routinely used as human evaluation tools.

    I saw this same kind of nonsense running rampant in the old Strategic Air Command (forerunner of today’s Strategic Command (SAC)) when I worked there many years ago. It all dates back to the days of General Curtis LeMay when, rather than comparing (already) highly competent people to a performance STANDARD, they were routinely compared to EACH OTHER.

    And, as some poor slob (spelled “commander”, “aircrew” or “missile crew”) has to come in last, it damn well had better not be YOU or YOURS. The whole system was (and apparently remains) negative motivation personified.

    Sadly, this (now obviously systemic) nonsense also resulted in aircrews (and others) performing all kinds of stupid (and deadly) antics in airplanes and other equipment (including nuclear-tipped missiles) that were NEVER designed for such operation. I shudder to think about all the SAC aircrew members who died as a DIRECT result of jamming far too many “training” requirements into missions just to stay one minuscule step ahead of their peers.

    Clearly, by “firing” all these people for “cheating”, the military brass are simply perpetuating the problem. Unless and until they STOP using management evaluation tools to rate human beings, and start comparing people’s performance to a minimum acceptable standard, this (all too often deadly) nonsense will continue.

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